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What Makes Us Different

You can rest easy knowing our IT support technicians come out to your home or office.

Smart-IT Services sets itself apart from other IT companies because we understand how frustrating it is to struggle with unreliable & incompetent IT technicians.

We understand that when you run a successful business, you don’t have time to waste with systems that are offline or workers that are unable to work because of technical issues.

Our technicians always strive to arrive and solve your problem in a timely manner, because time is money as they say.

Our IT technicians always keep to their appointments, you no longer need worry about whether the technician will arrive on time, much less whether they will even arrive at all as is an alarming trend in the industry.

Unique Pricing

We believe we positioned ourselves as one of the most affordable yet professional on site IT Support companies in South Africa with our unique pricing structures.

By aiming to strike the middle ground between charging hourly rates & making sure our technicians don’t take longer than necessary on a job. We believe by striking this balance, our clients can rest assured they are getting the best possible service at the most affordable price.

Some Of What We Do

Our IT Technicians all have at least A+ & N+ certification so you can rest assured that no matter who we send, they will be able to take care of your problem.

Below we list some of the most common support requests we receive on a daily basis.

Desktop Support

Server Support

Windows Support

Linux Support

Mac OS Support

Networking Support

Printer Support

Access Control Support

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